Our family has woven hammocks for over 100 years on the beaches of Costa Rica and one summer an exchange student named Chris Sawyer worked together with Manuel and Christian Navarro to produce a really amazing material which we use to make our hammocks.

Our mission is to reach out and teach a tangible skill to friends around the world who have a passion for hammock weaving. We create communities through making our hammocks in a humane, and fun environment.

Your contributions go towards the support of a community that has helps men and women overcome addictions, climb out of poverty and create a meaningful lives. You are appreciated and we will always give you the very best hammock that is completely Pura Vida.

Better Fiber, Better Hammocks!

Only travelers that have been throughout Central America usually understand, that the hammock tradition in Costa Rica is different than the rest of the world. A hammock is equal in every way to bed, and it should be comfortable. Fibers like Nylon, Cotton and Hemp, make our hammocks more durable and yet more comfortable than simple mayan hammocks or any other rope hammock we know of.

Good for your Back!

We use a simple repetitive loom process; a much tighter weave of thinner fiber than traditional hammocks. That makes them support your back and many claim our hammocks cure their back problems entirely. Our hammocks are sought after and we are proud to bring our talent and knowledge to the US.

Fast Delivery!

We ship from the United States for quick delivery, and cheaper shipping costs. NO WAITING!

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have. We are here to help.


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Users testimonials

So perfect! Just like the hammocks I remember relaxing in during my time in Costa Rica. Lots of time will be spent kicking it back this summer. Very fast shipping as well.


I got this to replace a similar hammock chair I bought in Costa Rica in 1999. I was so glad to find one for sale online. My kids and I love it!


Love it! The colors were prettier in person, very vibrant. I hung it up immediately and it was so comfortable.


Thank you so much! I love the hammock. I ordered it Saturday and it’s already here and it’s Monday!


Fast shipping and great quality! The wood creaks when you first get in, but that’s normal and just a little unnerving.


Love it, love it, love it! Exactly as described, fast shipping, super comfortable… Thanks a lot and long life to your company!! 🙂