About Us

A hammock can be a wonderful way to relax, and unwind. We believe every house should have one and we are proud to bring you the very finest hammocks in the world.

Founded in 2011 when an exchange student moved to Costa Rica where he connected with local artisans, and learned to make and sell hammocks in the style of the hammocks sold on the beaches of Costa Rica for over 100 years.

Uniquely the hammocks we produce from 100% recycled fibers are blended of nylon and cotton. This combines resistance to the elements, strength, sag and softness superior to any other hammock in the world. Our artists work hard to make color combos that make everyday life more fun. The purchase you make goes to support an amazing partnership of dedicated artists who are committed to continuing the lost indigenous art of hammock weaving.

Please contact us through any of our social media routes.

Send inquires to: sales@hammocksofcostarica.com

                             ¡Pura Vida!